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Rob Berk

Rob Berk

My love for pinball began at an early age when I clearly remember playing pinball in the basement of my parents home. In my later teen years the pinball fever started to strike me as my dad bought another machine to go along with the "Baby Face", which was called Texan. My interest wained a bit until I entered college in the early 70’s where I was reintroduced to pinball machines in a big way. This interest lead to the creation of Pinball Expo in 1985, which is still running today. This show brought together pinball collectors and enthusiasts from coast to coast and around the world and has served as the model for other pinball shows seen today.

Around 2012 I met Jason Kopp who heard about my pinball passion and asked if I had any video games for sale, which I did not. At this same time my son developed an interest in console games and played them feverishly. As my friendship with Jason continued and my son’s interest in full sized coin operated video games began, I soon found myself looking for my favorites from years past, namely Space Zap and Carnival. As my search for these games intensified so did my search for the video machines in the 80’s. This intensity continues today as I’ve taken my interests to a new level and with the help of Jason and my good friend Tony (my ace pinball repair guy) the idea of having this show developed.

Jaden Berk

Rob Berk

Jaden started out playing console games around 2008. His collection includes X-Box, Playstation, Wii as well as NES, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. He is also the proud owner of a Playstation 2 made for the Japanese market. In 2014 he graduated to coin operated video and arcade games with his favorites being NFL Blitz, Donkey Kong, Space Zap and Food Fight.

Jason Kopp

Rob Berk

As a youngster, I played around with electronics and built and designed circuit boards in computers. Later, my parents had a garage sale where I sold miscellaneous computer chips that I had amassed. A customer came up to me to buy them and I asked if he rebuilt computers and he replied "No, I fix arcade machines". The rest is history. My collection started around 2002 and since that time, has grown to over 150 games. My favorite playing game is Berzerk. I have been and am still looking for a computer space.

Tony Torisk

Rob Berk

I fell in love with pinball in the early 1970’s playing in arcades, bars, and bowling alleys. I began collecting and restoring pinball and arcade games in 1993. I am involved in Pinball Expo and in pinball and arcade restoration full time. My favorite pins are Monster Bash and Jack in the Box. Hanging around Rob, I can’t help but fall in love with video machines. My favorite games are Asteroids and Space Invaders.

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